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I know without a doubt I will not be partaking in the National Internet Unplugged Day as I am currently on my  computer blogging about it. I am always mildly curious as to what the different dates are, for instance National Chocolate Day (my favorite), National Pi Day and so on. I decided to check out what was in store for March 23, 2012 and National Internet Unplugged Day really got me thinking. This is an absolute great Day! However I think it should not be limited to just one day. Don't get me wrong, I love the internet. I thrive on it. With that being said, I feel most of us (myself included) should step away from the computer, and not just the computer, but our cell phones and all electronics and get back to what is important and real. Take a walk, take the kids to the park, go on a hike with your family. Get outside! This reminds me of the last time I took my little boy to the park, there were 2 other moms there with their kiddos. Both of the moms were sitting on a bench completely absorbed into their cellphones. One mom would every so often tell her little boy to be careful without looking up to see what he was doing, the other little boy said "look at me mommy" at least six times before she would pry her gaze from her phone. I'm not saying I am perfect, believe me I am not, but if I am taking my little boy to the park, he is going to have all of my attention! I digress! I will not be completely unplugged today but I will be spending more quality time with my loved ones. Enjoy your little ones!

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