I love curly hair, but never curl my hair anymore because I have too much hair and it takes too long to curl and the heat is too damaging. This way is so much better... NO HEAT and it left my hair curly, just the way I wanted it AND it didn't take very much time to do it! If your hair is like mine and doesn't hold the curl long then use gel or another product you like. If you have any questions, shoot me a comment!

Here is my hair before...
Take a stretchy headband and wrap it around your head as shown. Part your hair the way you are going to wear it.
Take a small section, bigger or smaller depending on the amount of curl you want.
Wrap the section up and around the band.
Grab another section and wrap around the headband.
Continue wrapping around the headband, I did one side at a time and stopped at the back. When you get to the back you will have a tail hanging down. Take that tail and roll it up and secure it under the headband.
Have a glass of wine (or hot chocolate!) and go to bed!
GOOD MORNING! Wake up and have a cup of coffee!  
When you are ready to do your hair, grab the headband at the top and pull it off. Be careful not to pull hard, you don't want to damage your hair!
Separate your curls and apply hairspray or whatever you like to tame those fly-a-ways. I just finger-combed my hair here.

Enjoy your new curls!
Before and after...


10/21/2011 18:14

You're so pretty!!! :-)

09/21/2012 06:32

Bloggers like you are very few on World Wide Web and I am happy to found you. It’s like finding a pearl in the sea, tough but fruitful. Best wishes and regards.

10/21/2011 18:24

Omg!! That is amazing, you are gorgeous as it is...now if I had long hair I would do this!

10/21/2011 21:06

Ugh. Love you! I'm going to have to try that. Sleeping in a bun can be annoying. A headband? Genius.

10/23/2011 11:12

absolutely gorgeous! i have to try this ... my hair NEVER holds a curl anymore. thanks for the tip!

p.s. stopping by from blogaholic -- looking forward to following your posts =)

10/23/2011 16:34

OMG this is a gr8 idea!!!! i am seriously gonna try this out tonight! i have to take some pix tomorrow and was dreading having to take the time to use tons of hair spray and my curlers!!!


10/23/2011 20:04

cute ima have to try that. i have tons of hair and its past my bra strap, really long. so we will see!

10/25/2011 12:39

That is awesome!

10/25/2011 12:41

Does it need to be damp first?

10/25/2011 21:02

No! Do it on dry hair!!!

01/22/2012 14:41

01/23/2012 05:31

Clever and Sexy! Brilliant!!!

01/29/2012 17:54

I am a new follower from Blogaholic Network. I love the name of your blog. I actually got hired because I was asked to say the worst swear sentence I knew and the women doing the hiring loved what my mother used to call my father. :)

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