There is nothing better than fresh vegetables from the garden. Fresh tomatoes brings back memories of growing up and spending time with my grandparents. They always had the juiciest tomatoes ever, and they were so delicious! This year I wanted something simple so I planted tomatoes, bell peppers, and Serrano peppers. I started my seedlings indoors using a new method (new to me)... toilet paper rolls. I have been hoarding toilet paper rolls in my bathroom drawer for a few months, and my husband probably thought I was a huge pack rat!
I took several rolls of toilet paper tubes and cut them in half, then filled them with a mixture of potting soil and dirt from outside. I then planted my seeds about a quarter of an inch from the top and watered daily. The seeds started sprouting within 7-14 days. I also took a few used teabags after my husband made tea and broke the bags and sprinkled the tea grounds in the soil for added nutrients. (I also break up a used teabag in each of my houseplants and they are so big and gorgeous!) When it is time to plant the seedlings outdoors, simply plant the entire roll! The toilet paper tubes are biodegradable... NO WASTE! 
I'm so excited at how these seedlings are growing. They look so healthy. I cannot wait to pick my first tomato or pepper! I will have to post pictures later of the plants all grown up! Please leave a comment and tell me if you have tried this method or plan on trying it!!! I would love to hear how it worked for you!

I hope you enjoy this inexpensive tip... Happy Gardening!



03/28/2012 19:41

What a great idea. I will have to try that. So much better than buying a seed starter kit. New follower from BSN.

03/28/2012 22:01

Welcome! I have followed you back. =]

04/16/2012 07:54

Stopping by for the Small Blogs Blog Hop. I'm a new follower. Nice to meet you.

04/19/2012 18:55

Found your link on mom blog society.
I love this idea !! Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see how they grow.

06/27/2012 03:14

Nice! Hope they grow beautifully. And great job, you found ways on how to use toilet paper rolls. :) I suggest though, for you not to buy tissue papers often, just use a <a href="">bidet toilet</a>. :)


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