Kitty came home! After being gone for 2 nights in a storm she found her way back... I don't know if it was the cans of tuna or her own instincts but either way I am thrilled to have my little ball of fluff back!
Well we moved into our new home and our kitty "Bug" seemed to be adjusting pretty well, she even went out on the back porch to sniff around. Now bug is a complete girly girl and an inside cat so she doesn't go out much at all... A few nights ago she was outside exploring on the back porch and it started to rain and she just disappeared, that was 2 nights ago. We can't find her anywhere!!! We have a bowl of tuna on the front and back porch hoping she will smell her way home! I'll keep calling for her and praying she is safe. Please come home baby girl!!!



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Meet Bug... aka Sylvanas.


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