No one can resist a cake ball on a stick! Thank you to my momma for getting me a cake ball pop kit for Christmas! Although for this recipe I didn't get to use the cake ball pan because you do not do any baking with this recipe!!!

These would be cute wrapped individually in red or green cellophane with a bow!

1 package Oreos (I saw the new Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreos and had to try them!)
12 ounces cream cheese, room temperature
Almond Bark (I used vanilla... It seems to melt smoother)
Decorations (I used 2 oreos with out the cream center and crumbled them)

Set 2 cookies out for decorating. Put the rest of the oreos in a bowl and break them up.
Add the cream cheese.
_ Mix with a hand mixer until well blended. Put the bowl into the freezer for 1 hour.
_Take the mixture out of the freezer and roll into small balls.
Melt a small amount of almond bark.
Coat the end of the pop stick and insert into the ball and put back into the freezer for 10 minutes. (This helps the ball stay on the stick)
After 10 minutes, melt the rest of the almond bark (I did 3-4 blocks at a time), and drop your cake ball in the bark and spoon the mixture on. Let the excess drip off.)
Immediately decorate with the oreo crumbs (or sprinkles, etc.) while the coating is still wet, if it hardens the decorations will fall off. I placed my pops in a coffee mug then into the fridge to harden.
Enjoy! Have a Merry Christmas!


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